Meet Abigail

My mother says I was born with a pencil in my mouth! I have always loved anything creative, be that making, designing, distorting, and anything that pushes the boundaries of what is seen as the “norm”.

My favourite book to read when I was in school were paint colour charts. I lost count of the times I read them and spent hours mulling over each of their names and descriptions. It was as if I was reading colours.

Italian Vogue

I studied fashion knitwear design at Nottingham Trent University where I won a worldwide competition that resulted in my collection being exhibited at international designer and retailer industry renowned knitwear exhibition Pitti Filatti.

Following that, my work was then published in Italian Vogue and it was one of the very rare occasions that I was speechless!!


Creative design

With over 15 years experience of heading up design teams in the fashion industry, providing creative design and brand identity solutions, I have been privileged to travel with my career, learning about different cultures that inspire me. From the extremes of Mumbai to the lavishness of Las Vegas.

After many years of spending time in trains, planes and automobiles, I moved back to Wales just before my first born arrived. I share my creativity with my children and show them healthy ambition and drive for something I love. Design.

I had three children in 5 years and they are my true ambition and personal achievement! They are my reason for living….and for any anxiety that ensues!!

Independent label

During 3 months of a very wet and cold winter in 2013 (which is actually quite rare here in Wales), all I heard was rain, all I felt was rain, all anyone saw was rain. It was during the month of February that I decided to create my own label and Rain was born.

Rain became an instant success with over 30 stockists across the UK and Ireland, including a massively successful concession with Topshop during a busy Christmas period. Everyone wanted to make a statement for festive events and so our Tassels signature collection sold out. Also, gold sequin leggings designed at Rain Fashion HQ were worn by XFactor contestant Sam Lavery. These also subsequently sold out!



My Resort collection reflects my Gypsy heritage and my love for old MGM musicals. I played piano from an early age and feel my musical talent and creative ways definitely came from the gypsy side of the family, hence my love of anything bohemian.  It is also influenced by Marrakech’s bright colour clash against sunbleached nudes and chalky pinks. Kate Nash selected the resort jumpsuit to feature in her comeback music video Call Me.

Ibiza Fashion Festival saw the birth of Rain’s luxury, boho chic, embellished collection Silent Star. A complete success on the island of celebrities, island hoppers and the glamorous.


The Ethos of all my designs is to transpose the inspiration I take from the many musical and fashion icons I love and admire, combined with the feel of vintage wear, country & western, culture fusion, and glamour within each statement piece.

I love to unwind and energise through my love of yoga. It’s taken me on a magical journey through all my pregnancies and has empowered me in times of need. My passions and my constant desire to better myself comes from my wonderful family. Like every family, we have our ups and downs but we stand strong together in times of need and I know I can always depend upon this strength.

I now have 5 babies; 1 girl, 2 boys, Rain & Silent Star.