Rain Fashion Autumn Winter 2017 collection

Silent Star

Heavily beaded, bespoke and embellished clothing, Silent Star oozes inexpressibly intoxicating luxury, each precious piece dripping with under-the-mirror-ball star-studded sex appeal. Signature items include a shimmer-licious hooded tunic, sequined star burst bomber, jumpsuit to epitomize what a wild pearl would look like if it were born human, and key wardrobe pieces that would be illegal (if effortlessly morphing into a mythical creature were against the law).

Do not go gently into the night…

A glittering, glistening awakening

Submit as serenity takes over your soul, as a beguiling bubble of love for lust pops in a floating sea of bath pearls and guilty pleasures. You reach for your go-to, its rare and solitary spirit eager to emerge from the darkness.

Hello, old friend. Keen to accompany you on your journeys, step by step, twirl by twirl, kiss by lick. Its intricacies and heavy embellishment absorb you; a second skin. As clocks chime and cheekbones gleam, eyelashes flash toward Studio 54. You gaze. Still. Embodying the cool quality of an intergalactic Goddess; silent, shining bright, watching, being watched. Under moonlight, you’re a pastiche to the beginning of time. Stardust drenching souls lost in nothing but music. It’s electric. A glittering, glistening awakening, as the wind blows to swish and swoon, as beats drum up a dramatic disturbance to the atmosphere. Forever memories each with their glimmering daemon wandering closely behind. Startled by a meteor, they glance through the crisp night, cherishing each sparkly second you have together to adventure before dawn sets the magic free. History is made. Together, you were one.


Limited edition

Luxurious and limited-edition signature pieces that will always be worn, regardless of age. In time, becoming heirlooms, to be embraced and cherished, then handed down to be always loved. A silent star is reborn.

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